Billy M. Lombe

Kicking The Bags Out

Environmental Challenge:
Zambia does not have a definite plastic bag ordinance, drainage systems continue to get clogged every year leaving large areas of the city filthy and prone to cholera outbreaks.

The Community Solution:
This campaign aims at engaging and raising awareness of the communities, organizations, students, policy makers and government leaders in addressing the urgent need of putting in place an ordinance on the ban of single use plastic bags in Zambia in order to reduce flooding, improve water, air and soil quality, and protect marine life and wildlife. The campaign also addresses the creation of local and green jobs for women and youth.
Kicking the Bags Out campaign plans to utilize the International Bag Free Day on July 3rd as an important opportunity to amplify its efforts in pushing for the plastic bag ban or fee in Zambia and other parts of Africa. We plan to have a media related event where we are going to utilize various media platforms in raising awareness on this important day and also we shall utilize social media in disseminating critical information about dangers plastic bags poses both to our environment and health. Later on we also plan to donate Re-usable bags to media houses or environmental journalists we shall be partnering with on that specific day. We also hope to donate Re-Usable Bags to some of our legislators and ministers for them to release the importance of a plastic free Zambia.

Time and Date:
The event will be held on 3rd July the International Bag Free Day but we will create the buzz through our various online platforms.