Campaign Supporters & Partners

This global campaign is organised by Zero Waste Europe and GAIA upon an idea from Rezero. The partners of the action can be found in the on the top of the page. Supporters of phasing out single-use plastic bags are:


Jeremy Irons
Oscar Winning Actor
“People are not yet aware of the seriousness of the problem of single use plastic bags. I hope the movie Trashed will allow people an insight on this quite curable but global problem. It will not be cured without the communal and political will to do so.”

Erik Solheim
Executive Director of the U.N. Environment Program

Erik Solheim is advocating a substantive action on plastic bags because “We’ve stood by too long as the problem has gotten worse. It must stop”


Paul Connett
Retired chemistry professor and zero waste guru
“A plastic bag seems such a little thing to worry about until you realize how many billions of these are being thrown away each and every day. That adds up to a very big problem for our planet, especially our oceans and waterways. Banning plastic bags worldwide is another key step in moving from a throwaway society to a sustainable society.”

Annie Leonard

Annie Leonard
Executive Director, Greenpeace & Author of ‘The Story of Stuff’
“There are some environmental problems that are hard to solve, that involve complex economic and social trade offs. The problem of disposable plastic bags is not one of these. It’s simple – just get rid of them. We don’t need them and they aren’t worth the massive problems they cause. There are easy replacements that are better for public health, the environment and the economy.”

Jack Macy
Senior Commercial Zero Waste Coordinator in San Francisco, US
“San Francisco was the first U.S. city or county to ban single-use plastic carryout (checkout) bags in 2007, helping to ignite a movement to ban single-use plastic bags in the U.S.. So far 77 cities and counties in California alone have joined this rapidly growing movement and not only are single-use plastic bags being banned but stores are also being required to charge for the types of bags they can provide. These bag charges are encouraging the vast majority of customers to bring their own bag saving resources and reducing litter and environmental impact.”

Dianna Cohen
Creative Advocacy Director & Co-Founder Plastic Pollution Coalition
“Plastic Pollution is an urgent global problem. We can begin to solve this by using reusable canvas and cloth bags. Our goal is to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals and the environment. We support the phase-out of single-use plastic bags and look forward to the extinction of disposable plastic.”


Nohra Padilla
Gremio Reciclador Colombiano, Colombia
“The recyclers of the world we collect 60% of the waste… but it is not enough. We demand the reduction in the use of single-use plastic bags and similar polluting low-value materials…. less plastic bags mean less bags in the rivers, seas, incinerators and landfills. Why would you like to hand a wasted world to your children?…. it is time to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.”


Rossano Ercolini
President of ZWE board & winner of the 2013 Goldman Environmental Prize
“European plastic has been polluting the world for too long. It is time for the EU to make a bold step to phase out single-use plastic bags.”

Sonia Mendoza
Chair of Mother Earth Foundation
“Support the International Plastic Bag Free day by making everyday a plastic bag free day in the home. Always have a reusable cloth bag handy every time we go out whether we plan to buy some things or not. Make these habits good examples for family and household members and eventually friends, colleagues and everyone to emulate and follow.”

Candida Brady
Blenheim Films Director
“In the movie Trashed we expose the dangers associated to single-use plastics which pollute the environment when dumped to the land or sea, burned in incinerators or buried in landfills. We need to put an end to this practice that is trashing the planet.”


Shibu Nair
Program Director, Thanal
“Plastic carrier bags represents a negative attitude to life and nature. It makes people believe “everything is disposable” and “use and throw” is possible. This is unsustainable and criminal. It is a contamination not only to the nature and our culture of sharing and caring.


Shahriar Hossain
Secretary General, Environment and Social Development Organization, Bangladesh
“Plastic shopping bag is a threat to life and environment. Be responsible! Stop plastic bag! Go for Jute bag!”

Von Hernandez
Former Executive Director, Greenpeace Southeast Asia
On this day, we come together to reject the idea that our day to day living experience would be less agreeable in the absence of disposable plastic bags. As we are proving in many places with plastic bans around the world, doing way with plastic bags goes a long way in terms of resolving some of the perennial problems besetting our cities , from flooding to toxics pollution. Our task is to keep translating the symbolic power of this day into scalable and sustainable solutions on the ground that people can practice and appreciate.”

Wael Hmaidan
Director of Climate Action Network, Lebanon
Transforming into a Zero Waste future is not only desirable but necessary if we want to solve many of our urgent problems, such as climate change, poverty elimination, and sustainable development. Learning how to prosper within the limits of the planet\’s natural resources is the most crucial and fundamental challenge that we need to overcome. Plastic bags represent the opposite of sustainability and have no place in a Zero Waste society.”


Stiv J. Wilson
Director of Campaigns Story of Stuff
“Plastic Bags are amongst the most littered items in the world and are found everywhere in our oceans, watersheds and lakes and represent the ultimate canary in the coal mine of an unsustainable economy addicted to plastic. With profoundly dismal recycling and recovery rates, banning plastic bags not only protects the environment, it sparks a long overdue public dialogue surrounding the marine eco-disaster of plastic pollution as a whole and lays the groundwork for a paradigm shift in human consumptive behavior. Banning plastic bags is the low hanging fruit that leads to dealing with the problem of the rotten fruit basket we\’re all choking on.”

Raül Romeva i Rueda
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations, and Transparency of the Generalitat of Catalonia
Single-use plastic bags are a ticking time-bomb for the environment. But we can still deactivate it by just using common sense: alternatives do exist!

Jane Bremmer

Chair of Alliance for a Clean Environment, Australia
“Australians love their beaches and marine environment. That’s why we are committed to Plastic Free July because we understand the profound adverse impact plastic has on our oceans and the marine creatures we love!”